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Campaign Objective

The need for a campaign against mental health stigma

Mental health stigma in media and public discourse remains a challenge in Greece and its effects contribute to the reproduction of stereotypes which cause exclusions and intensify discrimination against people with mental health problems.

Based on these acknowledgements, we concluded that there is a great need to strengthen the advocacy and the supervisory role of civil society in dealing with these phenomena. Thus, in collaboration with our partners, we undertook in the framework of the campaign “Erasing stigma. Upon our word” to plan and implement a set of actions that aim to prevent exclusion of our fellow human beings with mental health problems, and to combat discriminations based on mental health issues. These actions build on previous work and initiatives, renew existing knowledge of new population groups targeted for discrimination, while at the same time aiming to provide tools and formulate informed policy proposals for consultation and implementation.

The main lines of action of the campaign are the following:

 Documentation research

 Development of training & awareness tools


 Advocacy actions

 Actions to achieve institutional change

So our objective is to take a big step towards combating stigma and reproducing stereotypes about mental health, while empowering our fellow human beings with psychosocial difficulties. However, in order for this big step to take place, we need your help and support, that is why we call on you to support and disseminate our actions and information.



Who runs the campaign?

Learn more about the initiatives that implement the campaign

Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos
181 Doiranis & 18 Fidiou str. Kallithea, Athens
Τηλέφωνο: (210) 9221739, (210) 9227611

Projects’ Comms Officer
Antonis Bougias
[email protected]

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“Erasing stigma. Upon our word”” is being implemented in the framework of the Active citizens fund project with Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos as a project promoter along with Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation – Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL) and Society for the Care and Rehabilitation of People with Psychosocial Problems (Merimna) as project partners. The Active citizens fund in Greece is supported through a € 12m grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The program aims to develop the sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector in Greece, and to strengthen its role in promoting and safeguarding democratic procedures, active citizenship and human rights. The Fund Operator for the Active citizens fund in Greece is Bodossaki Foundation in consortium with SolidarityNow. For more information: